Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The animal owner guarantees that his animal is healthy, free from contagious diseases and has been vaccinated. If it is a dog, the owner expressly assures that there is a special compulsory pet owner insurance for this animal.

During the stay, the animal keeper / owner remains the animal owner within the meaning of § 833 BGB (animal owner liability).

In principle, the pension costs and all additional services booked are due in advance.

Cancellation conditions: Cancellations up to 7 days before the service is provided are free of charge. From 7 days before delivery = .50% of the total price. If you do not show up or if you cancel 1 day in advance, 100% of the total price, except for cases of hardship, for example. If the owner of an animal only pays a deposit (see front page), the undersigned undertakes to fully cover the costs and a guaranteed payment of the outstanding amounts

If a guest is picked up early, no reimbursement for the remaining days is possible.

When paying by card, the customer agrees to pay € 5 for credit cards and € 2 for giro cards as a processing fee.

The boarding house accepts no liability for damage that the animal could suffer during the agreed time; the liability of the animal boarding house is expressly limited to intent and gross negligence. If there are veterinary costs, the boarding house will not pay them.

The owner is responsible for any damage left by the animal to the pension's furnishings or furniture and must pay for the repair or replacement.

The guesthouse is not liable for objects brought with them if their own dog makes them unusable or damaged. No replacement or reimbursement possible.

The boarding house undertakes to keep the animal appropriate to its species and behavior and to observe the animal welfare law and its ancillary provisions.

If the boarding house and its keeper consider veterinary treatment to be necessary from their point of view, the animal keeper / owner already agrees that the animal pension gives the animal to veterinary treatment on behalf of the animal keeper / owner on his / her account. The animal keeper / owner bears the resulting costs alone.

In the event that the animal is not collected within eight days of the agreed end date of the storage period, the animal owner already agrees that the animal boarding house can pass the animal on to another person or to the animal shelter or give it away on behalf of the animal owner. The animal owner assumes full liability and bears the costs incurred for all costs (pension costs, further custody costs, veterinary costs, travel costs, etc.) that arise up to the handover of the animal.

From an outside temperature of below 0 ° Celsius and in the period from 1.11. The infrared heater is switched on for the dog until March 31 of each year, at night and, if necessary, during the day. The owner agrees to pay the costs incurred as an additional payment.

Changes to this contract must be made in writing. Oral statements are ineffective.


Consent to use of data

With my signature I agree that the dog and cat pension Hochspeyer Dogstation24.de (responsible: Klaus Schmidt) collects my personal data given on the pension contract for the purpose of storage on the basis of legal authorizations.

Any further use of personal data and the collection of additional information, as well as forwarding to third parties, requires your consent on a regular basis. You can give such consent voluntarily below.

The customer agrees that the data collected may also be used for future retirement stays, but will be checked at least annually.

The customer agrees that the data collected may be transmitted to other veterinary practices or clinics as far as necessary and necessary within the framework of veterinary referrals

The customer agrees that the data provided by him may be used in an internal file within the pension for statistical purposes

The customer agrees that his data may be passed on to lawyers or tax advisors if he is unable to provide the services or is in default of payment.


The general terms and conditions and their ancillary provisions as well as the consent to

I have read the use of data for other purposes and I agree to it.